Direct laser printing of chiral plasmonic nanojets by vortex beams.

Optics express

PubMedID: 28468395

Syubaev S, Zhizhchenko A, Kuchmizhak A, Porfirev A, Pustovalov E, Vitrik O, Kulchin Y, Khonina S, Kudryashov S. Direct laser printing of chiral plasmonic nanojets by vortex beams. Opt Express. 2017;25(9):10214-10223.
Donut-shaped laser radiation, carrying orbital angular momentum, namely optical vortex, was recently shown to provide vectorial mass transfer, twisting transiently molten material and producing chiral micro-scale structures on surfaces of different bulk materials upon their resolidification. In this paper, we show that at high-NA focusing nanosecond laser vortices can produce chiral nanoneedles (nanojets) of variable size on thin films of such plasmonic materials, as silver and gold films, covering thermally insulating substrates. Main geometric parameters of the produced chiral nanojets, such as height and aspect ratio, were shown to be tunable in a wide range by varying metal film thickness, supporting substrates, and the optical size of the vortex beam. Donut-shaped vortex nanosecond laser pulses, carrying two vortices with opposite handedness, were demonstrated to produce two chiral nanojets twisted in opposite directions. These results suggest optical interference of the incident and reflected laser beams as a source of complex surface intensity distributions in metal films, possessing spiral components and driving both center-symmetric and spiral thermocapillary melt flows to yield in frozen nanoneedles with their pre-determined spiral nanocarving.