Pigmented tumors in fallow deer ( Dama dama): 11 cases.

Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc

PubMedID: 28467283

Hughes KL, Bildfell RJ, Alcantar B. Pigmented tumors in fallow deer ( Dama dama): 11 cases. J Vet Diagn Invest. 2017;1040638717707789.
Pigmented tumors have been reported infrequently in captive deer. We document herein the clinical progression and gross and histopathologic features of pigmented tumors diagnosed as melanoma and pigmented schwannoma in 11 white fallow deer ( Dama dama). Affected animals were part of a captive herd maintained at a drive-through park in southern Oregon and were 5-17 y of age during the study period (2004-2013). Primary lesion locations included periocular, perineal, and neck tissues, with cutaneous and internal metastases later identified at autopsy in some cases of malignant melanoma. Diagnoses included 7 malignant melanomas, 2 benign melanomas, and 2 pigmented schwannomas. Diagnosis of melanoma was based on typical histomorphologic features, and final diagnosis of pigmented schwannomas was based on histomorphologic features with negative staining for melan A and positive staining for laminin. Metastasis was found in 3 of 7 cases diagnosed as malignant melanoma; 2 had extensive pulmonary involvement and resulted in euthanasia of the animal; 1 animal developed eyelid and ear lesions that also resulted in euthanasia.