Achromatic GRIN singlet lens design.

Optics express

PubMedID: 23482029

Flynn RA, Fleet EF, Beadie G, Shirk JS. Achromatic GRIN singlet lens design. Opt Express. 2013;21(4):4970-8.
Gradient refractive index (GRIN) materials are attractive candidates for improved optical design, especially in compact systems. For GRIN lenses cut from spherically symmetric GRIN material, we derive an analogue of the "lens maker's" equation. Using this equation, we predict and demonstrate via ray tracing that an achromatic singlet lens can be designed, where the chromatic properties of the GRIN counterbalance those of the lens shape. Modeling the lens with realistic materials and realistic fabrication geometries, we predict we can make an achromatic singlet with a 19 mm focal length using a matrix of known polymers.