[Orthotopic bone implants for bone regeneration].


PubMedID: 28617405

Muraev AA, Ivanov SY, Ivashkevich SG, Gorshenev VN, Teleshev AT, Kibardin AV, Kobets KK, Dubrovin VK. [Orthotopic bone implants for bone regeneration]. Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2017;96(3):36-39.
Biotechnology industry is rapidly developing. The elaboration of new biomaterials for bone reconstruction is one of the most perspective directions in tissue engineering. There are millions of surgical operations associated with use of bone graft materials every year. In this article we tried to analyze and systematize data about advanced technologies and modern trends in the preparation of bio-composite bone graft materials. Special attention is given to 3D-prototyping that allows making bone implants with individual form. INTRODUCTION
of molecular biology technologies such as activating specific cytokines and growth factors at the right time makes it possible to optimize bone regeneration process.The article has also some suggestions on further improvement of the bone engineering technology.