[What do company health insurance plans provide?]

Versicherungsmedizin / herausgegeben von Verband der Lebensversicherungs-Unternehmen e.V. und Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung e.V

PubMedID: 29144631

Hamiki R. [What do company health insurance plans provide?]. Versicherungsmedizin. 2016;68(4):180-1.
Company health insurance plans are a voluntary employer benefit and an increasingly important part of company pension and benefits systems. They enable employers to invest in the health of their employees. They are also a useful modular complement to both statutory and private health insurance. Company health insurance plans allow employers to attract first-rate staff and to retain them for the long term. Employees, in turn, are provided with a variety of attractive additional benefits, for instance treatment by chief physicians, single or double-room hospital accommodation, additional aids and remedies, and a variety of screenings and medical check ups. It is expected that, in the next few years, company health insurance will become very widespread.