Selective diagonal-free (13)C, (13)C-edited aliphatic-aromatic NOESY experiment with non-uniform sampling.

Journal of biomolecular NMR

PubMedID: 23657844

Stanek J, Nowakowski M, Saxena S, Ruszczynska-Bartnik K, Ejchart A, Kozminski W. Selective diagonal-free (13)C, (13)C-edited aliphatic-aromatic NOESY experiment with non-uniform sampling. J Biomol NMR. 2013;56(3):217-26.
A band-selective aromatic-aliphatic C,C-edited four-dimensional NOESY experiment is proposed here. Its key advantage is the absence of auto-correlation signals which makes it very attractive for joint use with non-uniform sampling. It is demonstrated here that the sensitivity of the experiment is not significantly affected by utilization of selective pulses (for either aromatic-13C or aliphatic-13C spins). The method was applied to the sample of E32Q mutant of human S100A1 protein, a homodimer of total molecular mass ~20 kDa. High-resolution 4D spectra were obtained from ~1.5 % of sampling points required conventionally. It is shown that superior resolution facilitates unambiguous assignment of observed aliphatic-aromatic cross-peaks. Additionally, the addition of aliphatic-13C dimension enables to resolve peaks with degenerated aliphatic (1)H chemical shifts. All observed cross-peaks were validated against previously determined 3D structure of E32Q mutant of S100A1 protein (PDB 2LHL). The increased reliability of structural constraints obtained from the proposed high-resolution 4D 13C(ali),13C(aro)-edited NOESY can be exploited in the automated protocols of structure determination of proteins.