[Arthroscopic fracture management in proximal humeral fractures].

Der Unfallchirurg

PubMedID: 23515643

Lill H, Katthagen C, Jensen G, Voigt C. [Arthroscopic fracture management in proximal humeral fractures]. Unfallchirurg. 2013;116(4):296-304.
Arthroscopy has become increasingly more established in the treatment of proximal humeral fractures. In addition to the known advantages of minimally invasive surgery fracture and implant positioning can be optimized and controlled arthroscopically and relevant intra-articular concomitant pathologies (e.g. biceps tendon complex and rotator cuff) can be diagnosed and treated. Arthroscopic techniques have proven to be advantageous in the treatment of various entities of greater tuberosity fractures, lesser tuberosity fractures (suture bridging technique) and subcapital humeral fractures (arthroscopic nailing). This article presents an overview on innovative arthroscopic modalities for treating proximal humeral fractures, describes the surgical techniques and the advantages compared to open procedures as well as initial clinical results.