Effect of tongue cleaning methods and oral mutans streptococci level.

The journal of contemporary dental practice

PubMedID: 23579907

Gondhalekar R, Richard KM, Jayachandra MG, Aslam S, Reddy VN, Barabde AS. Effect of tongue cleaning methods and oral mutans streptococci level. J Contemp Dent Pract. 2013;14(1):119-22.
Tongue scraping and brushing have been appreciated for hundreds of years but are still appreciated or used by the public. Scientific evidence has validated the need to practice habitual and tongue cleaning as part of daily home oral hygiene procedures.

To assess and compare the effect of tongue scraping and tongue brushing on oral Mutans streptococci level.

A total of 20 healthy subjects aged 14 to 15 years were randomly selected. Flat plastic tongue scraper and Nylon multitufted small headed toothbrush are the two tongue cleaning devise used. Unstimulated salivary samples were obtained at 4 intervals from each individual. Salivary samples were inoculated on Mitis Salivary Agar Plate and Sorbital Broth was used for identification of Mutans streptococci group.

Paired and unpaired 't' test were employed. Reduiction in the Mutans streptococci level from 48.4 × 10(4) CFU and 38.3 × 10(4) CFU at baseline in tongue scraping and tongue brushing group respectively to 0.34 × 10(4) and 0.39 × 104 CFU after 7th day.

Both tongue coating removal methods evaluated were efficient in reducing mutans streptococci level. This implies that physical removal of the coating on the dorsum of the tongue is important and not the method used for the same.