Imaging the premature brain: ultrasound or MRI?


PubMedID: 23839652

de Vries LS, Benders MJ, Groenendaal F. Imaging the premature brain: ultrasound or MRI?. Neuroradiology. 2013;55 Suppl 213-22.
Neuroimaging of preterm infants has become part of routine clinical care, but the question is often raised on how often cranial ultrasound should be done and whether every high risk preterm infant should at least have one MRI during the neonatal period. An increasing number of centres perform an MRI either at discharge or around term equivalent age, and a few centres have access to a magnet in or adjacent to the neonatal intensive care unit and are doing sequential MRIs. In this review, we try to discuss when best to perform these two neuroimaging techniques and the additional information each technique may provide.