Quality of life in patients with major depressive disorder.

Mymensingh medical journal : MMJ

PubMedID: 23715339

Imam MA, Salam MA, Algin S, Ali M. Quality of life in patients with major depressive disorder. Mymensingh Med J. 2013;22(2):222-8.
This descriptive, cross sectional, comparative and analytical study assessed the quality of life of major depressive patients and healthy controls. It was carried out in the department of psychiatry of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) on patients of major depressive disorder according to structured clinical interview (SCID and diagnostic and statistical Manual) (DSM-IV) criteria. The study used world health organization quality of life scale (WHO QoL -BREF) Bangla version to assess QoL of major depressive patients. The study assessed eighty patients of major depressive disorder who were recruited purposively from the Department of Psychiatry, BSMMU who were above the age of 18 years irrespective of sex. Same number of age, sex matched hospital staff of different strata of the BSMMU were included in this study. The study shows that the all parameters of quality of life scales in patients (mean±SD) were Overall health (case 2.20±0.77 & control 3.79±0.52), Physical (case 2.77±0.383 & control 3.44±0.322), Psychological (case 2.53±0.353 & control 3.51±0.382), Social (case 2.88±0.65 & control 3.85±0.543), Environmental (case 2.87±0.533 & control 3.27±0.514) and overall quality of life (case 1.94±0.817 & control 3.71±0.556) which major depressive disorder were significantly reduced.