Systems biology characterization of engineered tissues.

Annual review of biomedical engineering

PubMedID: 23862675

Rajagopalan P, Kasif S, Murali TM. Systems biology characterization of engineered tissues. Annu Rev Biomed Eng. 2013;1555-70.
Tissue engineering and molecular systems biology are inherently interdisciplinary fields that have been developed independently so far. In this review, we first provide a brief introduction to tissue engineering and to molecular systems biology. Next, we highlight some prominent applications of systems biology techniques in tissue engineering. Finally, we outline research directions that can successfully blend these two fields. Through these examples, we propose that experimental and computational advances in molecular systems biology can lead to predictive models of bioengineered tissues that enhance our understanding of bioengineered systems. In turn, the unique challenges posed by tissue engineering will usher in new experimental techniques and computational advances in systems biology.