Clinical performance of contemporary tibial polyethylene components.

Journal of Arthroplasty

PubMedID: 16877165

Crowninshield RD, Wimmer MA, Jacobs JJ, Rosenberg AG. Clinical performance of contemporary tibial polyethylene components. J Arthroplasty. 2006;21(5):754-61.
A postclinical retrieval analysis was performed on 43 polyethylene tibial components of a contemporary total knee arthroplasty system with implantation duration between 12 and 80 months. Components were scored for 8 potential modes of surface wear or damage on the top and back surfaces. Moderate backside wear of 4.1 microm/y was documented by measuring the extent of manufacturer's engraved lettering removal. Neither the topside nor backside score correlated with duration of in vivo function. No component experienced topside or backside delamination, cracking, or significant deformation. The greatest contribution to wear and damage score was pitting and scratching secondary to bone cement debris. The extent of both wear and damage experienced by these components was moderate, in comparison with that previously reported with older implant systems.