An overview of the treatment of Tourette's disorder and tics.

Journal of child and adolescent psychopharmacology

PubMedID: 20807063

Párraga HC, Harris KM, Párraga KL, Balen GM, Cruz C. An overview of the treatment of Tourette's disorder and tics. J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2010;20(4):249-62.
The aim of this study was to review the efficacy of various treatments for Tourette's disorder (TD) and tics.

This study is a historical review of the treatment modalities prior to the advent of neuroleptics. A review of double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trials and open studies on the use of neuroleptics and selected reports was also carried out.

The literature review reveals that the treatment of TD and tics has evolved from an early history of marginally effective approaches to the advent of neuroleptics, which started a new era in TD and tic treatment, with a significantly broader range of effectiveness.

Although progress has been made, the literature review nevertheless reveals a great deal of confusion as related to the clinical heterogeneity of TD and tics, differences in populations, medication-dose combinations, and outcomes. However, a role for a limited number of pharmacologic agents, combined with psychosocial approaches, has been identified. There is a need for studies in larger, diagnostically homogenous samples and for the use of more sophisticated methodology, to identify intelligible models that would allow the development of more effective treatment approaches.