[Diagnosis and treatment of cerebral sinus thrombosis].

Duodecim; laaketieteellinen aikakauskirja

PubMedID: 21972584

Putaala J, Hiltunen S, Curtze S, Salonen O, Tatlisumak T. [Diagnosis and treatment of cerebral sinus thrombosis]. Duodecim. 2011;127(16):1656-66.
Cerebral sinus thrombosis is a rare disease appearing mostly in young women. Typical symptoms include headache, convulsions, visual deterioration and various symptoms of neurological deficits. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and venous sinuses is the diagnostic cornerstone, whereby an obstructed venous sinus, thrombus mass and potential intracerebral lesions such as venous infarction or hemorrhage are diagnosed. Anticoagulant therapy should be initiated immediately once the diagnosis is confirmed.