[Chemotherapeutical department: surgical infection prevention and treatment in ICU].

Anesteziologiia i reanimatologiia

PubMedID: 24000656

Bogomolova NS. [Chemotherapeutical department: surgical infection prevention and treatment in ICU]. Anesteziol Reanimatol. 2013;(2):66-73.
The article discusses the issues of chemotherapeutical department organization and functioning in multidisciplinary surgical hospital. In connection with a worldwide spread of antibiotic-resistant agents of surgical infections, it becomes necessary to unite efforts of surgeons, resuscitation specialists, clinical pharmacologists - chemiotherapeutists and microbiologists. The main approaches in solving of surgical infection problems are: in-hospital epidemiological situation monitoring, the study ofmicroflora resistance to antibiotics used in the surgical and resuscitation practice, the study of antibacterial therapy clinical-pharmacological aspects (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, tolerance and efficacy of antimicrobial drugs). The development of pre-emptive antibiotics rotation principles curbs the spread ofnosocomial infections pathogens resistant strains. The 40-year experience of surgical infections prevention and treatment laboratory functioning professes this.