Synthesis of kinetically stabilized 1,2-dihydrodisilenes.

Journal of the American Chemical Society

PubMedID: 22356542

Agou T, Sugiyama Y, Sasamori T, Sakai H, Furukawa Y, Takagi N, Guo JD, Nagase S, Hashizume D, Tokitoh N. Synthesis of kinetically stabilized 1,2-dihydrodisilenes. J Am Chem Soc. 2012;134(9):4120-3.
Kinetically stabilized 1,2-dihydrodisilenes were successfully synthesized and isolated by the introduction of sterically protecting bulky aryl groups. These 1,2-dihydrodisilenes exhibit distinct Si-Si double-bond character in both solution and the solid state. The Si-H bonds in these 1,2-dihydrodisilenes exhibit higher s character than those of typical s(4),?(4)-hydrosilanes. Moderate heating of these 1,2-dihydrodisilenes in solution resulted in their isomerization to the corresponding trihydrodisilanes, with an intramolecular hydrogen migration as the rate-determining step.