Bacteria take control of tolls and T cells to destruct jaw bone.

Immunological investigations

PubMedID: 24004056

Myneni SR, Settem RP, Sharma A. Bacteria take control of tolls and T cells to destruct jaw bone. Immunol Invest. 2013;42(7):519-31.
Bone undergoes a continuous cycle of remodeling for maintenance and healing. For almost a decade it has been appreciated that the immune system is intricately linked to bone homeostasis. Both acute and chronic inflammatory responses have been shown to impact bone health. A common form of inflammatory disease that causes bone destruction is the chronic infectious disease known as periodontitis (PD). PD is a bacteria-driven inflammation of the tooth-supporting apparatus that leads to resorption of the alveolar (jaw) bone, often leading to tooth loss. At the host-bacteria interface, Toll-like receptors (TLRs) play an instructive role in the development of innate and T cell adaptive responses to oral bacteria. Specifically, it is becoming apparent that TLR2-mediated inflammatory responses represent the major arm of the host immune response during periodontitis, and form an important link between periodontal infection and ensuing periodontal bone loss. This review summarizes the role of TLR2-mediated interplay between immune cells and bone cells in a periodontal disease setting.