Metamaterials for THz polarimetric devices.

Optics express

PubMedID: 19158890

Peralta XG, Smirnova EI, Azad AK, Chen HT, Taylor AJ, Brener I, O'Hara JF. Metamaterials for THz polarimetric devices. Opt Express. 2009;17(2):773-83.
We present experimental and numerical investigations of planar terahertz metamaterial structures designed to interact with the state of polarization. The dependence of metamaterial resonances on polarization results in unique amplitude and phase characteristics of the terahertz transmission, providing the basis for polarimetric terahertz devices. We highlight some potential applications for polarimetric devices and present simulations of a terahertz quarter-wave plate and a polarizing terahertz beam splitter. Although this work was performed at terahertz frequencies, it may find applications in other frequency ranges as well.