Platelet-rich plasma improves healing of tympanic membrane perforations: experimental study.

The Journal of laryngology and otology

PubMedID: 18954495

Erkilet E, Koyuncu M, Atmaca S, Yarim M. Platelet-rich plasma improves healing of tympanic membrane perforations: experimental study. J Laryngol Otol. 2009;123(5):482-7.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of local application of platelet-rich plasma to perforated rat tympanic membranes, in terms of healing time and histopathological outcome.

Eighty-eight tympanic membranes of 44 rats were given a standard 3 mm perforation, and platelet-rich plasma was applied to the right tympanic membrane perforations. The left tympanic membranes were left to heal spontaneously, as controls. The 44 rats were divided into two groups. In group one, comprising 20 rats, daily otomicroscopic examination of the tympanic membrane perforations was performed. The 24 rats in group two were subdivided into four subgroups of six rats each; these subgroups were sacrificed sequentially on days three, seven, 14 and 28 for histopathological examination, regardless of tympanic membrane healing stage.

In group one, the mean tympanic membrane healing times for tympanic membrane perforations receiving platelet-rich plasma and controls were respectively 10.2 +/- 2.1 and 13.0 +/- 2.9 days (mean +/- standard deviation). This difference was statistically significant (p < 0.001). In group two, histopathological evaluation of tympanic membrane perforation healing at days three, seven, 14 and 28 did not reveal any statistically significant difference, individually or within the four groups as a whole.

These findings suggest that earlier healing of tympanic membrane perforations occurred in the platelet-rich plasma group compared with the control group. These findings suggest that platelet-rich plasma is effective in accelerating tympanic membrane perforation healing, and that it may be effective in human subjects, particularly as it is an autologous material.