A parallel robot to assist vitreoretinal surgery.

International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery

PubMedID: 20033328

Nakano T, Sugita N, Ueta T, Tamaki Y, Mitsuishi M. A parallel robot to assist vitreoretinal surgery. Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2009;4(6):517-26.
This paper describes the development and evaluation of a parallel prototype robot for vitreoretinal surgery where physiological hand tremor limits performance.

The manipulator was specifically designed to meet requirements such as size, precision, and sterilization; this has six-degree-of-freedom parallel architecture and provides positioning accuracy with micrometer resolution within the eye. The manipulator is controlled by an operator with a "master manipulator" consisting of multiple joints.

Results of the in vitro experiments revealed that when compared to the manual procedure, a higher stability and accuracy of tool positioning could be achieved using the prototype robot.

This microsurgical system that we have developed has superior operability as compared to traditional manual procedure and has sufficient potential to be used clinically for vitreoretinal surgery.