Applications of cardiac multidetector CT beyond coronary angiography.

Nature reviews. Cardiology

PubMedID: 19851349

Schuleri KH, George RT, Lardo AC. Applications of cardiac multidetector CT beyond coronary angiography. Nat Rev Cardiol. 2009;6(11):699-710.
Noninvasive imaging of the coronary arteries using multidetector CT (MDCT) represents one of the most promising diagnostic imaging advances in contemporary cardiology. This challenging application has driven a rapid and impressive advancement in CT technology over the past 10 years; leading to increased spatial and temporal resolution, decreased scan times and substantial reductions in radiation dose. Recent technological improvements have not only improved the status of CT coronary angiography but have also enabled new functional myocardial applications that are gaining a foothold in clinical practice as adjuncts or replacements for conventional coronary angiographic studies. Wide-detector CT designs along with prospective ECG-triggered protocols have opened the possibility of performing multiple complementary myocardial measurements during a coronary CT exam with acceptable radiation and contrast exposure. In this Review, we discuss recent technical developments in cardiac MDCT and outline newly enabled noncoronary cardiac applications including viability assessment, myocardial perfusion and molecular imaging.