Unlocking fungal cryptic natural products.

Natural product communications

PubMedID: 19967983

Chiang YM, Lee KH, Sanchez JF, Keller NP, Wang CC. Unlocking fungal cryptic natural products. Nat Prod Commun. 2009;4(11):1505-10.
Recent published sequencing of fungal genomes has revealed that these microorganisms have a surprisingly large number of secondary metabolite pathways that can serve as potential sources for new and useful natural products. Most of the secondary metabolites and their biosynthesis pathways are currently unknown, possibly because they are produced in very small amounts and are thus difficult to detect or are produced only under specific conditions. Elucidating these fungal metabolites will require new molecular genetic tools, better understanding of the regulation of secondary metabolism, and state of the art analytical methods. This review describes recent strategies to mine the cryptic natural products and their biosynthetic pathways in fungi.