[Behçet disease with isolated ACTH deficiency].

Endocrinologia y nutricion : organo de la Sociedad Espanola de Endocrinologia y Nutricion

PubMedID: 20096211

Sánchez Sobrino P, Páramo Fernández C, Lamas Ferreiro JL, Mantiñán Gil B, Palmeiro Carballeira R, García-Mayor RV. [Behçet disease with isolated ACTH deficiency]. Endocrinol Nutr. 2009;56(9):463-6.
We report a case of a patient with longstanding Behçet disease, with neurological symptoms predominantly, who became hospitalized for adrenal insufficiency, caused by isolated deficiency of corticotropin (DAACTH). DAACTH is a typical characteristic of hypophysitis, reported in association with many autoimmune diseases. Nevertheless, hypothalamic-pituitary injury in Behçet disease is exceptional. We review the literature and possible mechanisms of this association until now not reported.