[Urgent ultrasound in clinical practice].

Medicinski arhiv

PubMedID: 18822947

Salihefendic N, Zildzic M. [Urgent ultrasound in clinical practice]. Med Arh. 2008;62(3):165-8.
Ultrasound (US) has been recognized as a powerful tool for use in the diagnosis and evaluation of many diseases in clinical practice. The possibility of immediate bedside US examinations in the evaluation of specific emergent complaints makes it an ideal tool for the emergency specialist. Correct diagnosis of potential life-threatening emergencies such as hematoperitoneum following blunt trauma, abdominal emergencies, ectopic pregnancy, pericardial tamponade, and aortic aneurysms with US evaluation can be easily made. Emergency physicians now view screening ultrasonography as highly focused and limited to answer on select set of questions. These questions include: Is there a pericardial effusion present? Are there gallstones present? Is there hydronephrosis evident? Is there free peritoneal fluid? Is there intrauterine pregnancy? Is there an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) present? Is there a foreign body? It is clear that emergency screening ultrasound is now accepted tool for the rapid evaluation of the emergency patient. Using this effective diagnostic and therapeutic tool in emergency units our patients will have efficient, safe, and accurate health care.