Fingerprint verification on medical image reporting system.

Computer methods and programs in biomedicine

PubMedID: 18178287

Chen YC, Chen LK, Tsai MD, Chiu HC, Chiu JS, Chong CF. Fingerprint verification on medical image reporting system. Comput Methods Programs Biomed. 2008;89(3):282-8.
The healthcare industry is recently going through extensive changes, through adoption of robust, interoperable healthcare information technology by means of electronic medical records (EMR). However, a major concern of EMR is adequate confidentiality of the individual records being managed electronically. Multiple access points over an open network like the Internet increases possible patient data interception. The obligation is on healthcare providers to procure information security solutions that do not hamper patient care while still providing the confidentiality of patient information. Medical images are also part of the EMR which need to be protected from unauthorized users. This study integrates the techniques of fingerprint verification, DICOM object, digital signature and digital envelope in order to ensure that access to the hospital Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) or radiology information system (RIS) is only by certified parties.