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PubMedID: 24169480

Badertscher N, Senn O, Rossi PO, Wensing M, Rosemann T, Tandjung R. [In Process Citation]. Praxis (Bern 1994). 2013;102(22):1353-9.
Background: Incidence of malignant skin lesions is rising in Switzerland. We wanted to assess the frequency of patients with suspicious skin lesions in daily practice. Furthermore, we asked for diagnostic certainty and the need of further education in skin cancer. Methods: Survey with 1212 GPs in the canton of Zurich, descriptive analysis, regression analysis. Results: Response rate 41,4%. 23,2% of the GPs saw daily/weekly patients with suspicious skin lesions, another 34,8% monthly. 79,0% reported need for further education in skin cancer. This need was lower in urban GPs and in GPs with higher diagnostic certainty. Conclusions: GPs saw relatively often patients with suspicious skin lesions. Despite high diagnostic certainty, there was a clear need for further education in skin cancer.