The management of hypodontia: present and future.

Dental update

PubMedID: 18426161

Nohl F, Cole B, Hobson R, Jepson N, Meechan J, Wright M. The management of hypodontia: present and future. Dent Update. 2008;35(2):79-80, 82-4, 86-8 passim.
Developmental absence of teeth (hypodontia) is associated with characteristic morphological changes in the teeth, alveolar volume deficiencies, and skeletal jaw mal-relationships. Management may be complex, involving several dental specialties, ideally working as a close-knit team. Improved diagnostic and treatment technologies continue to evolve, ever widening the management opportunities for these patients. This paper reviews current treatment methods and looks to what the future may hold. Clinical Relevance: Specialist teams with access to traditional and evolving diagnostic and treatment technologies are best able to manage patients with complex treatment needs such as some of those presenting with hypodontia.