[Acute cerebral insufficiency syndrome as a concept of neuroreanimatology].

Anesteziologiia i reanimatologiia

PubMedID: 18540456

Belkin AA, Zislin BD, Avramchenko AA, Alasheev AM, Bel'skii DV, Gromov VS, Domanskii DS, Iniushkin SN, Pochepko DV, Rudnik EN, Soldatov AS. [Acute cerebral insufficiency syndrome as a concept of neuroreanimatology]. Anesteziol Reanimatol. 2008;(2):4-8.
The introduction of concepts of acute cerebral insufficiency syndrome into the clinical practice of a number of therapeutic-and-prophylactic institutions raises a lot of questions as to its clinical interpretation and approaches to diagnosing, monitoring, and treating patients who meet its criteria. By attempting to have methodologically adequate solutions of this problem, neuroresuscitators are making a complex scientific developments of reproducible modes of neuromonitoring and cerebrotropic intensive therapy. The theory of acute cerebral insufficiency and a cerebral protection complex becomes an area that determines researches in the development of new methods of intensive cerebrotropic therapy, as well as the ways of neuroreparation and neuroprotection as components of complex pathogenetic therapy for neuropathological syndromes resulting from the formation of pathological systems in response to abnormal determinants.