Insights into morphological nature of precipitation of cholesterol.


PubMedID: 18215404

Uskokovic V. Insights into morphological nature of precipitation of cholesterol. Steroids. 2008;73(3):356-69.
Additional effects on the previously reported procedure of precipitation of narrowly dispersed and well-defined, brick-shaped cholesterol particles, including non-solvent addition rate, temperature, solvent purity, aging treatments, ultrasound agitation and fine mechanical effects were investigated. Based on the presented results, significant morphological sensitivity of cholesterol precipitation processes upon variations from the standard established procedure of crystallization is induced. However, the tendency of cholesterol to crystallize in the form of biaxially grown particles was evidenced as dominating the precipitation processes, irrespective of any modifications of experimental parameters involved in the preparation procedure investigated hereby. Prolonged aging time and temperature effects lead to "face-to-face" aggregation of particles, promoted by the discrepancy in surface charges between particle sides and faces. In light of these observations, the mechanism of precipitation of cholesterol is further discussed.