[Polyspermism and antipodal fertilization in Lilium (Tourn.) L. species].

TSitologiia i genetika

PubMedID: 18822862

Kravets EA, Khvedynich OA. [Polyspermism and antipodal fertilization in Lilium (Tourn.) L. species]. Tsitol Genet. 2008;42(3):45-50.
It has been shown that several pollen tubes can penetrate into the embryo sac on the source side of the antipodal apparatus. One of the pair of sperms of additional pollen tube copulates with the upper antipodal, the second sperm copulates with the lower antipodal or rarely penetrates in the central cell. The process of fertilization was accomplished by the phase of nuclei morphological similarity characteristic ofsyngamy (by postmitotic type of fertilization according to Gerasimova-Navashina). A directional growth of additional pollen tubes involves a specifically differentiation of antipodal cells that imitates the egg cell.