New entries toward 3,3-difluoropiperidines.

The Journal of organic chemistry

PubMedID: 18547110

Verniest G, Surmont R, Van Hende E, Deweweire A, Deroose F, Thuring JW, De Kimpe N. New entries toward 3,3-difluoropiperidines. J Org Chem. 2008;73(14):5458-61.
Difluoropiperidines attract considerable interest from organic and medicinal chemists, but their synthesis is often problematic. This paper describes a new synthetic pathway toward valuable 3,3-difluoropiperidines starting from suitable delta-chloro-alpha,alpha-difluoroimines. The latter imines can be synthesized via electrophilic fluorination of the corresponding delta-chloroimines using NFSI (N-fluorodibenzenesulfonimide) in acetonitrile. After hydride reduction of the imino bond and subsequent intramolecular substitution of the chloride atom, new 3,3-difluoropiperidines were obtained in good yields. In addition, this methodology was applied to establish the first synthesis of N-protected 3,3-difluoropipecolic acid, a new fluorinated amino acid.