[Frequency of risk factors in breast cancer].

Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico

PubMedID: 19065818

Romero Figueroa Mdel S, Santillán Arreygue L, Olvera Hernández PC, Morales Sánchez MA, Ramírez Mendiola VL. [Frequency of risk factors in breast cancer]. Ginecol Obstet Mex. 2008;76(11):667-72.
One in eight women has risk to developing breast cancer in long life (12.2%) one out of each 28 is in risk of death by this disease. The most recognized risk factors are hormonals, genetics and environmentals.

To identify the frequency of risk factors for breast cancer patients.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in the Ambulatory Care Medical Unit 231, IMSS, in the medical records of 272 breast cancer patients in order to identify the major risk factors.

272 patients were studied, out of which 63 (23.1%) had no risk factor; 174 (64%) had 1 to 2 factors, 35 (12.9%) had 3 to 4 factors. The most common age group was 50-59 years. 80 women were menopausal, 28 (35%) had > 54 years, obesity was present in 35% of postmenopausal patients; with 29.8% of smokers, 16.9% had pregnancies long term > 30 years old. 14.3% were diabetics prior to breast cancer, and 12.2% had used exogenous hormones for > 5 years, 10.7% had experienced menarche < 11 years. Family background in first degree was 6.6% and for another cancer 32.4%. The detection by self examination was 91.5% and 1.1% by mastography.

The most frequent risk factors included: overweight, obesity, smoking, exogenous hormones and pregnancy long term > 30 years. The method most frequently used for detection was self examination.