Postpartal right ventricular thrombosis.


PubMedID: 19066750

Velicki L, Milosavljevic A, Majin M, Vujin B, Kovacevic P. Postpartal right ventricular thrombosis. Herz. 2008;33(7):532-4.
The discovery of an intracardial mass in patients presents a serious diagnostic dilemma. The differential diagnosis of this condition may seem abundant, but myxomas and intracardial thrombosis are the most frequent diagnoses. A connection between pregnancy and the presence of thrombosis has been documented frequently. Normal pregnancy leads to changes of the coagulative and fibrinolytic status toward a hypercoagulable condition which has its own physiological justification (the risk of blood loss decreases during labor). The case of a patient suffering from postpartal right ventricular thrombosis, which was successfully resolved by surgery as described in this contribution, demonstrates the value of a multidisciplinary approach.