Contemporary use of flowable resin composite materials.

Dental update

PubMedID: 19065876

Bonsor SJ. Contemporary use of flowable resin composite materials. Dent Update. 2008;35(9):600-2, 604, 606.
Flowable resin composite materials have become established as part of the restorative dentist's portfolio since their introduction to the market some 12 years ago. Their properties and clinical handling are different owing to their chemical and structural composition when compared to conventional resin composite materials and their advantages and shortcomings must be understood for their clinical use to be effective. This paper explains the effect of their differing composition and the clinical ramifications of this. It reviews these materials' indications and contra-indications and provides practical advice on their usage. Clinical Relevance: Flowable resin composite materials are widely used in restorative dentistry and the clinician should understand the advantages and shortcomings of the properties of each restorative material in order to maximize clinical success.