[Evaluation of ownership of an implantable medical device by patients].

Annales pharmaceutiques francaises

PubMedID: 24206595

Salles M, Amet D, Archer V, Elbaz N, Teiger E, Paul M, Astier A. [Evaluation of ownership of an implantable medical device by patients]. Ann Pharm Fr. 2013;71(6):423-8.
In order to improve the care of patients with pacemakers or defibrillators, a survey was realized to assess the adherence of the cardiac implant of patients

A survey was proposed to assess the level of information assimilation of patients' implant (indication of installation, precautions and conduct…) by patients presenting within the Cardiology Department concerning a first implantation or a change in the device.

Early results show that 84% of patients have an indication of implant placement. Only 55% know that they must notify to the medical team they have a cardiac implant, especially when needing MRI. In case of a shock, only 35% of patients with defibrillator know how to behave. The majority of patients say they consult when signs of infection occur or when symptoms reappear.

The results show that patients are generally well informed about the main precautions and have a good knowledge of their implant. Nevertheless, messages about "what to do if" are not well known. Patients with defibrillators have better assimilated the information than patient with pacemakers.

Our approach has to account for the level of information and the degree of assimilation of information by patients. It is part of the development of patient's therapeutic education.