Low-threshold services for problem drug users in Hungary.

Central European journal of public health

PubMedID: 17645224

Melles K, Márványkövi F, Rácz J. Low-threshold services for problem drug users in Hungary. Cent Eur J Public Health. 2007;15(2):84-6.
The main objective of this study was to explore how harm reduction (HR) approach and low-threshold approach are realised at low-threshold services (LTSs) in Hungary in comparison with the guidelines presented in different policy papers (European Union drugs strategies) and national regulations.

Hungarian LTSs were investigated: 29 organisations out of 44 (66% return rate) were reached with questionnaires and 40 LTS workers were interviewed.

The LTSs have difficulties reaching their target group, distributing sufficient sterile syringes and interpreting the concept of 'low-threshold' and HR, sometimes defining them as a transient stage to abstinence-based treatment.

The study results suggest that Hungarian LTSs need to be re-orientated toward more emphasis on health-related issues.