[Islet transplantation as a treatment for complications of type I diabetes].

Polski merkuriusz lekarski : organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego

PubMedID: 24224447

Wszola M, Kwiatkowski A, Berman A, Górski L, Chmura A. [Islet transplantation as a treatment for complications of type I diabetes]. Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2013;35(207):127-32.
Reduced physical activity and high calories up-take along with carbohydrates based diet are considered to be a leading cause of diabetes mellitus rise in western countries. Together with rise in DM morbidity, increase of complicated diabetes is also observed. Pancreas transplantation occurred to be a milestone in diabetic patient management. Guine pig pancreatic islets isolation performed for the first time by Moskalewski in 1965 and updates of his method have given an opportunity to introduce allogenic isolated islets transplantation to clinical usage. For the first time in Poland clinical allotransplantation of isolated pancreatic islets took place in Department of General Surgery and Transplantology of Medical University of Warsaw in 12's June 2008. Unfortunately, unsatisfying results of islet transplantation, specially short period of insulin independence after successful transplantation related with multifactor islet function lost, reduce clinical indications. In this publication we have analyzed known and potential factors of islet lost and we have tried to find way to prevent them, with a long period insulin-independence after transplantation as a main goal.