Ophthalmology in proverbs and aphorisms.

Clinical & experimental ophthalmology

PubMedID: 16970767

Mansour AM, Hamam RN, Mehio-Sibai A. Ophthalmology in proverbs and aphorisms. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2006;34(7):701-4.
After a comprehensive review of available texts and literature covering five millennia, the authors present a collection of ophthalmic proverbs and aphorisms with an examination of their applicability within current medical knowledge. A total of 74 ophthalmic proverbs and aphorisms were retrieved from 130 texts and divided into seven categories: (i) importance of vision ('The eyes, like sentinels, hold the highest place in the body'); (ii) definition of blindness and anatomical observations ('The eye is protected by the lashes, eyebrows, and orbit'); (iii) diseases of the eye such as presbyopia, sensitivity to light and dry eye ('Tear in the eye is jewel'); (iv) the eye as a window of the body; (v) vulnerability of the eye ('The eye cannot oppose an awl'); (vi) health behaviours and protection of sight ('Be gentle with two: women and eyes'), and finally; and (vii) nutrition and vision ('Carrots improve vision'). The majority of these proverbs and aphorisms can be used as a guide, not for prognosis, diagnosis or cure, but rather for ocular health promotion.