Research priorities for surge capacity.

Academic Emergency Medicine

PubMedID: 17032947

Rothman RE, Hsu EB, Kahn CA, Kelen GD. Research priorities for surge capacity. Acad Emerg Med. 2006;13(11):1160-8.
The 2006 Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference discussed key concepts within the field of surge capacity. Within the breakout session on research priorities, experts in disaster medicine and other related fields used a structured nominal-group process to delineate five critical areas of research. Of the 14 potential areas of discovery identified by the group, the top five were the following: 1) defining criteria and methods for decision making regarding allocation of scarce resources, 2) determining effective triage protocols, 3) determining key decision makers for surge-capacity planning and means to evaluate response efficacy (e.g., incident command), 4) developing effective communication and information-sharing strategies (situational awareness) for public-health decision support, and 5) developing methods and evaluations for meeting workforce needs. Five working groups were formed to consider the above areas and to devise sample research questions that were refined further by the entire group of participants.