Cognitive mediators of ego functioning in adolescence.

Journal of youth and adolescence

PubMedID: 24301321

Hurtig AL, Petersen AC, Richards MH, Gitelson IB. Cognitive mediators of ego functioning in adolescence. J Youth Adolesc. 1985;14(5):435-50.
It has often been assumed that a relationship exists between higher levels of cognitive functioning, particularly formal operations, and mature ego functioning in adolescence. This research examined the relationships between ego functioning and two domains of operational thinking: social interpersonal reasoning and physical-mathematical reasoning in 139 high school seniors. Subjects were given two measures of physical-mathematical reasoning, two measures of interpersonal reasoning, and the Sentence Completion Test of ego functioning, as well as a measure of verbal intelligence. Results indicated significant differences between males and females in patterns of correlations as well as in patterns of relationships in a causal analysis. Ego functioning was predicted by interpersonal reasoning for females and by physical-mathematical reasoning and verbal intelligence for males.