Low-angle subgrain misorientations in deformed NaCl.

Journal of microscopy

PubMedID: 15683410

Pennock GM, Drury MR. Low-angle subgrain misorientations in deformed NaCl. J Microsc. 2005;217(Pt 2):130-7.
The development of subgrain boundary misorientations with strain in NaCl polycrystals has been investigated. At low strains, a power law relationship exists between strain and average misorientations. The accuracy of this relationship is assessed in terms of material and electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) processing parameters and is found to hold for a material of constant grain size deformed in compression, providing EBSD mapping and processing conditions were similar. Average misorientations are strongly influenced by grain orientation, suggesting that the misorientation-strain relationship may also be texture dependent in materials with high plastic anisotropy. A slight grain size dependency of the average misorientations was observed.