Synthesis of the potent immunostimulatory adjuvant QS-21A.

Journal of the American Chemical Society

PubMedID: 15755124

Wang P, Kim YJ, Navarro-Villalobos M, Rohde BD, Gin DY. Synthesis of the potent immunostimulatory adjuvant QS-21A. J Am Chem Soc. 2005;127(10):3256-7.
QS-21A is one of the most promising new adjuvants for immune response potentiation and dose-sparing in vaccine therapy, given its exceedingly high level of potency and its favorable toxicity profile. Melanoma, breast cancer, small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, HIV-1, and malaria are among the numerous maladies targeted in more than 80 recent and ongoing clinical trials involving QS-21A as a critical component for immune response augmentation in microgram doses. Herein is reported the first synthesis and structure verification of QS-21Aapi, applying novel glycosylation methodologies in the convergent modular construction of this rare and potent natural product immunostimulant.