Major hemoptysis in adolescents.

Indian journal of pediatrics

PubMedID: 15985747

Wong KS, Lien R, Hsia SH. Major hemoptysis in adolescents. Indian J Pediatr. 2005;72(6):537-8.
The coughing up of blood or blood-tinged sputum in children is unusual but potentially lethal. The etiologies of hemoptyses in children differ from adults and vary among geographic locations. This paper reviews the clinical presentation and radiographic features of massive hemoptysis in adolescents seen in a single tertiary children's hospital in northern Taiwan during a 10-year period. Active pulmonary tuberculosis with cavity formations and dissemination, congenital heart diseases with hypertrophied bronchial artery and local bleeding were the 2 most common causes of major hemoptysis in this single institute experience. Most cases of major hemoptysis due to active pulmonary tuberculosis can be managed conservatively. For patients with respiratory compromise or hemodynamic instability, selective bronchial artery embolization effectively stopped hemoptysis without complications.