Service needs of families with children with ADHD.

Journal of family nursing

PubMedID: 16287828

Kendall J, Leo MC, Perrin N, Hatton D. Service needs of families with children with ADHD. J Fam Nurs. 2005;11(3):264-88.
This article describes service use, perceived helpfulness of services, and the services requested of 157 families living with a child or adolescent with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and specifically asks if service use and service need is a function of certain social demographic factors. Whereas these data suggest that ADHD is a fairly universal experience, as indicated by the high rate of service use across ethnic groups, income status, sex, and family composition, single-mother families used the most services, Hispanic families used the fewest, and families with boys with ADHD used more services than families with girls with ADHD. Income was not a significant factor in any services used or services requested. This study lends strength to the argument that more specialized services for certain groups are needed in venues with local community services, such as schools, where the majority of these children and families are already seeking help.