Thermo-search: lifestyle and thermostability analysis.

In silico biology

PubMedID: 15724287

Farias ST, van der Linden MG, Rêgo TG, Araújo DA, Bonato MC. Thermo-search: lifestyle and thermostability analysis. In Silico Biol (Gedrukt). 2005;4(3):377-80.
Thermo-search is an online web tool for the analysis of proteomes and individual proteins according to the ratio of two couplets of preferred and avoided amino acids in hyperthermophiles, thermophiles and mesophiles. It displays the ratio between glutamic acid plus lysine (E+K) and glutamine plus histidine (Q+H), which is higher in thermophilic proteomes and thermostable proteins than in mesophilic proteomes and thermo labile proteins. Thermo-search allows a rapid screen of the CRM database for thermostable proteins in their functional categories and a visualization of the (E+K)/(Q+H) average ratio between organisms, allowing a comparison of their lifestyles.