[Emergency treatment of urological complications in cancer patients].

Anales del sistema sanitario de Navarra

PubMedID: 15723112

Grasa V, Láinez N, Villafranca E. [Emergency treatment of urological complications in cancer patients]. An Sist Sanit Navar. 2005;27 Suppl 3125-35.
Patients affected by neoplastic diseases frequently come for consultation to the emergency services of our hospitals. A large part of these consultations occur due to complications of an urological type, whatever the origin of the tumour that the patient presents. The pathology can be secondary to the neoplasy or to the means used in its treatment, although they are often complications that appear independently of the course of the disease. We offer an outline of the most frequent causes of emergency consultation due to urological problems in the patient affected by neoplastic diseases, whether they are in the urogential apparatus or not. We comment especially on the initial study and treatment by the emergency doctor or by the oncologist.