[Myocardial infarction revealed by ischemic stroke].

La Tunisie medicale

PubMedID: 15127710

Longo S, Mghaieth F, Kraiem S, Hmem M, Battikh K, Ben Ameur Y, Terras M, Bouraoui L, Slimane ML. [Myocardial infarction revealed by ischemic stroke]. Tunis Med. 2004;82 Suppl 1176-9.
Ischemic cerebral infarction associated with myocardial infarction is yet a real diagnosis challenge. If during the acute myocardial phase the mechanism is mostly embolic, at long-term, the mechanism is not clearant and other causes should be searched. We report a 50 year old man with ischaemic stroke with strong evidence of myocardial infarction in the late phase with wall-motion abnormality and mural clot revealed by echocardiography and Q waves. Atrial fibrillation was suspected and no other abnormalities could be found. The diagnosis of cardio-embolic ischaemic stroke could not be made with certainly.