Diagnosis of malignancy of prostate.

Indian journal of pathology & microbiology

PubMedID: 16295464

Kapoor N, Surange S, Gupta KN, Husainy MA, Faizi M. Diagnosis of malignancy of prostate. Indian J Pathol Microbiol. 2004;47(2):186-8.
Minimal or complete lack of symptoms hinders early diagnosis of malignancy of prostate leading to undue morbidity and mortality. Therefore early detection is imperative, making use of simple and safe technique with least of expense. Five hundred consecutive patients, who reported with urinary complaints, were assessed by digital rectal examination, transabdominal suprapubic ultrasonography for prostatic volume/weight and serum assay of prostate specific antigen (PSA). Histopathological examination of prostatic biopsy of all the cases was also done. Benign prostatic hyperplasia was found in 83.6% of cases and 16.4% of the cases were of adenocarcinoma prostate of varying severity (mild, moderate and severe). It was found that volume/weight of gland and PSA levels were very good indicators of the probable diagnosis and grade of adenocarcinoma. Statistical tests taking various levels of PSA values in account also validated the results.