Immobilized enzyme studies in a microscale bioreactor.

Applied biochemistry and biotechnology

PubMedID: 15054211

Jones F, Forrest S, Palmer J, Lu Z, Elmore J, Elmore BB. Immobilized enzyme studies in a microscale bioreactor. Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2004;113-116261-72.
Novel microreactors with immobilized enzymes were fabricated using both silicon and polymer-based microfabrication techniques. The effectiveness of these reactors was examined along with their behavior over time. Urease enzyme was successfully incorporated into microchannels of a polymeric matrix of polydimethylsiloxane and through layer-bylayer self-assembly techniques onto silicon. The fabricated microchannels had cross-sectional dimensions ranging from tens to hundreds of micrometers in width and height. The experimental results for continuous-flow microreactors are reported for the conversion of urea to ammonia by urease enzyme. Urea conversions of >90% were observed.