Cost-effectiveness studies of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines.

Expert review of vaccines

PubMedID: 15270648

McIntosh ED. Cost-effectiveness studies of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. Expert Rev Vaccines. 2004;3(4):433-42.
The 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is licensed in many countries for the prevention of pediatric pneumococcal disease. The vaccine is known to be highly immunogenic in infants and young children, and has been shown to be efficacious not only in decreasing disease in pediatric age groups but also in adults through herd immunity. Cost-effectiveness analyses of this vaccine have been performed in a number of countries. The present review compiles, summarizes and critiques these analyses. The range of values for cost-effectiveness, as measured in cost per life-years gained, in the studies reviewed, ranges from 14,000 US dollars to 147,000 US dollars with one outlier at 504,000 US dollars. For cost per quality-adjusted life years the range is 26,000 US dollars to 66,000 US dollars. Recommendations for the use of the vaccine will take account not only of these ratios but also of the absolute burden of disease. Performing cost-effectiveness analyses for healthcare interventions in infants and children is one means of redressing inequalities.